Just another team of lunatics who seeks for self expression. We are part-time indie game developers and full-time slackers.

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Hack the system. For money, ideas, of just for lulz - it's up to you.

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Action Forms

Action Forms

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Action Forms original first person shooter, Chasm: The Rift was released in 1997 for "mouse and keyboard". The developers later went on to make the Carnivores...

Wave 53 Studios

Wave 53 Studios

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The official company page for Wave 53 Studios, creators of fantastic Mount&Blade; Modules such as Full Invasion 2 and Full Invasion 3.

Go-Mod: Reborn Team

Go-Mod: Reborn Team

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this is the official group for devs of the remake of gomod called go-mod reborn

^World Trade Center 1973-2001 Quake HL HL2^

^World Trade Center 1973-2001 Quake HL HL2^

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Creation of the World Trade Center complex on Quake, GoldSrc, Source, Source 2.

WWII and CW: Realism group

WWII and CW: Realism group

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This group is about changing the cold war mod and making it more realistic

KTX Software Development

KTX Software Development

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KTX Software is the Development Department of Signo y Arte S.L.


Latest tweets from @dbzteam

Probably the only car-capable road around here. #madewithunreal #gamedev #indiedev #devlog T.co

Feb 11 2023

#ggj2023 was a blast!! Huge Thanks to all jammers, AGDA and TUMO Labs for organization! Our submission:… T.co

Feb 7 2023

Don't go to the woods at night. Especially, in our game. #TUNGUSKA #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #orienteeringT.co

Dec 17 2022

Found something suspicious in the woods? Throw a pinecone or two and see what will happen. #TUNGUSKA #indiegameT.co

Nov 25 2022

What ultimate lesson we learned from this project? Right, patience is everything. #TUNGUSKA #indiegame #indiedevT.co

Nov 24 2022

We are running the very first playtest for #TUNGUSKA! Its nothing fancy though, just a tech demo to test gameplay a… T.co

Sep 17 2022

What a treasure! We just got hands on a real hiking stuff from USSR! Tarp tent, abalakov backpack, and some photos… T.co

Aug 25 2022

Old soviet miner flashlight. Will definitely be useful in what lies ahead in this story. #TUNGUSKA #devlogT.co

Jul 23 2022

Can you guess what's in the hand? #TUNGUSKA #devlog #MadeWithUnreal #UnrealEngine #UE4 #indiegame #indiedevT.co

Jun 14 2022