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May 21 2011 Anchor

What features do you expect to see in Strike Force?

May 21 2011 Anchor


May 22 2011 Anchor


May 22 2011 Anchor

The most important factor of any game for me is the atmosphere.
One of the features I hope to see in this project is as deep immersion as possible.
Quite frequently we can see the lack of immersion in the FPS mods. Now take a look at the last Call of Duty games. This entire "theater" around us gives just a perfect immersion! All those cutscenes where everything happens right here in front of you and right now at this moment do their job really properly.
If to compare:
In a game without immersion, when the bullet just flew right above your ear, you simply keep running like if nothing happend at all.
In a game with immersion, your character turns his head away, ducks, or even screws up his eyes.
That's must be hard to implement, and that's just a too realistic example of what would be great to get, but that makes a player to literally feel what he/she sees. Again, CoD developers have done something really close to it, and it works awesome!
Good luck on that project! I'm tracking it.

May 25 2011 Anchor

It might be good to feature a multiplayer mode that's objective based (that would actually allow for you to, in a way, do a campaign that is multiplayer). Take Killzone 3's newest modes for example. In one, multiple objectives (CP, TDM, CTF, Bomb Placement) are all scattered in a random manner. In the other, they have cinematic scenarios with characters for each side fighting to achieve (or prevent the other team from achieving) level specific objectives (the Killzone 3 Beta had you blast a sealed doorway, disable poison gas emitters, and set charges to destroy a dam. The opposing team merely had to try and prevent the attackers from winning). Since smaller teams have been proven (for example, L4D) to be more effecient, so perhaps have the objective mode have teams of 6 against 6.

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