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Dark-1 is a team of friends who share a common passion for making games. What started as a game jam group has now evolved into a professional game development team.

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No games, mods, engines, software or hardware appear to be published or in development by Dark-1. We suggest you add games, mods, engines and hardware you are developing here (or update existing games, mods, engines and hardware on the site which should be linked with this Developer & Publisher).

If this profile is not used to publish or develop games, mods, engines, software or hardware we recommend you contact us and we will move it to the groups section and this page will display a blog instead.

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瞎眼物产地,禁止进入,瞎眼概不负责!! Blind source, prohibited from entering, the blind are not responsible!!


Latest tweets from @dark1_games

Our game's grunts got a makeover! #skopjegame #unity3d #screenshotsaturday #gamedev T.co

Oct 30 2021

Metalsky melee enemy v2.0 All the credit goes to our new concept artist Dimitar Torbakov, tasked with redesigning o… T.co

Sep 14 2021

Resting a bit until the player comes back. #gamedev #indie #indiedev #unity3d #skopjegame #screenshotsaturday T.co

May 22 2021

After almost 3 weeks of modeling, texturing, rigging and skinning we finally have our main character ready for acti… T.co

May 19 2021

Started making a character for D&D, ended up with the Pioneer. #skopjegame #heroforge T.co

Apr 16 2021

At first we added the dash as a skill that you need to equip but after some time with it we decided it's so fun and… T.co

Apr 10 2021

An old photo/postcard: Greetings from Skopje 🚍 #skopjegame #skopje T.co

Apr 1 2021

Year and a half working on Skopje!🏗️ #ThrowbackThursday #skopjegame #indiegame #gamedev Bonus throwback:… T.co

Mar 25 2021

These towers are all around the city and they don't look evil at all. #skopjegame #indiedev #gamedev #unity3d T.co

Mar 23 2021