Carpe Amet (Pty) Ltd. is a game development company from Cape Town, South Africa.

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My name is Schalk (pronounced Skulk, but you can call me Chalk), and I recently left my full-time job as a professional software developer to develop my game full time. I'm in the process of developing a vertical slice of my game, which I intend to deliver to potential investors and publishers within the next month or two.

I already have a playable Alpha available.

I currently do not have a budget for the game, since I am using my savings to support myself and my family, but I also don't expect any free work - I'm not offering "rev share" or asking for free work, I'm simply reaching out to establish a few contacts that I can contact in the future, once I have secured a publishing contract or investors.

The basic idea behind the game is a cross between King of Dragon Pass and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, set in the neolithic era. I'm programming the game myself in Unity, programming the core mechanics in C# and using Lua as a supplementary scripting language, while loading data from JSON and localisation from CSV files, and loading all models and materials from OBJ and MTL files, respectively, at runtime. I'm aiming for the game to be extremely moddable, and will be actively encouraging custom user content.

While I have 10+ years experience in 3D Modelling, I consider it a secondary skill of mine and not good enough for it to be acceptable for the final game. Therefor, I'm reaching out to skilled 3D Modellers to take over this aspect of development. Since I will be paying eventually, and not asking for free work, I do have some requirements from candidates:

  • IMPORTANT: Proficient in Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, or similar software - Blender is preferred due to my own experience with it
  • IMPORTANT: Capable of texturing at a high quality, with preferable experience in Substance Designer or similar software
  • BONUS: Animation & Rigging experience
  • BONUS: Sculpting experience

I'm also actively looking for artists for concept art, UI art, promotional art, event art, etcetera. Again, as this will eventually be a paid position there are some requirements:

  • IMPORTANT: Skilled in digital art, preferably via Photoshop or similar software
  • IMPORTANT: Capable of a wide range of styles
  • BONUS: Understanding of UX and UI design
  • BONUS: 2D Animation experience

I don't care about experience - only skill. I will not judge and pay based on previous experience, references, or a CV, but rather based on a portfolio. I will require all candidates to provide me with a portfolio of their work (the more pieces the better), or at the very least be able to demonstrate their skills live, via either a TeamViewer session or a Skype screen share session, where I will sit and watch you create something based on my description and reference images.

Pay will be negotiable, and will depend on the amount of funding I receive.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in the project, but do not fit the requirements or wish to help in another capacity, please feel free to message me regardless.

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