This is a group created so that players can collaborate via the sharing of segment files (created & saved prefabs that can be used in maps).

How do I make & share a Segment?

  • In the map editor create what you want to share (e.g. a flag design)
  • Go to the copy/Paste tool & copy the segment you want
  • Click the '+' symbol to add it to your segment library (also saves it in your local files)
  • Navigate to your local files (right click on Block N Load in you library -> properties -> local files -> browse local files
  • From there go to UserData -> Segments
  • To share find the segment you want & share the .bnlbin file & the corresponding .png
Current Projects

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If this profile is not used to publish or develop games, mods, engines, software or hardware we recommend you contact us and we will move it to the groups section and this page will display a blog instead.

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