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A minimalist horror-themed platformer, coming soon for Windows.

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RT @BlackVoidTytan: I have seen them in my nightmares; those Writhing Things that slither in the shadows. They call to me. They beckon…

Oct 31 2020

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Incredibly proud to have been part of the @yogscast game jam! #gamejam #yogscastgamejam

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Not Dead. Not quite Alive.

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Dec 4 2018

The most magical time of the year

Dec 1 2018

Try Pneak today, available on the Google Play store! #Android #gamedev #horror

Nov 13 2018

"The water was cool and dark; too dark to see the primordial terrors which lurked beneath." Teuk, available now on…

Oct 31 2018

"The beast sighed heavily, its colossal form grotesque yet familiar. The slightest movement could trigger it." Pne…

Oct 30 2018

"They ran as fast as their legs could carry them; away from that ancient and inescapable horror." Loat, available…

Oct 29 2018