Founded in 2011 in Kitchener, Ontario, part of Canada's Technology Triangle, Barbed Arrow, Inc. is an independent developer and publisher of multi-platform online games.

For too many players, online gaming is often a long and boring time of grinding for experience, interspersed with far too few moments of true adventure or intrigue. Barbed Arrow seeks to change this by incorporating a strong social dynamic to its gaming environment. Rather than simply thinking outside the box, Barbed Arrow seeks to redesign the box and develop an engaging and entertaining experience every time the player enters the game.

Success in this kind of environment will require that players become part of the community within the game, developing alliances and exploiting rivalries. Guilds, gangs, and orders will become a natural part of the world, and the interaction and competition between these groups will define the points of engagement for the players.

Barbed Arrow is committed to those being the keys to develop lasting and addictive games and associated communities.The Barbed Arrow team includes a diverse mix of backgrounds in senior business management, developers, artists, and writers. This team was formed around a shared core passion related to social dynamics, teamwork theory, conflict benefit, and interpersonal relationships that form in today’s online games.

Barbed Arrow's first title, "The Grand Arena of Serndall", is scheduled for release in mid-summer of 2014.

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Grand Arena of Serndall

Grand Arena of Serndall

Turn Based Strategy

The Grand Arena of Serndall is a unique fantasy social, strategic, and tactical game where players battle in the city of Serndall’s arena. Players may...

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