Babloon Studios, a group of 6 stationed in Sweden, making a fighting game!

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Blowhards is a long range multiplayer fighting game, with king of the hill style gameplay. The characters are colourful, the music is fun, and the chaoticness...

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Latest tweets from @babloonstudios

RT @Majk_Babloon: Working on the Portrait-reactions for one of our playable leaders in our upcoming game. After several artstyle tria…

Jul 21 2019

Everybody try beating the high scores in @VerletSwing! A brand new game from fantastic ppl and friends! Check it ou…

Sep 20 2018

RT @FlamebaitGames: It's finally time! #VerletSwing is now available to purchase on Steam! Happy swinging everyone!…

Sep 19 2018

RT @Battlerite: Have you checked out @Majk_Babloon and his series on the Battlerite Champions? What are you waiting for?!

Jul 15 2018

RT @Majk_Babloon: #6 Sirius - The Zenith @Battlerite #fanart #battlerite #Sirius

May 29 2018

RT @Majk_Babloon: #5 Taya - The Wind of the West @Battlerite #fanart #Battlerite #battleriteart

May 8 2018

More #fanart from our talented artist! #BattleriteArt #RookSmash #RookEat

Apr 24 2018

RT @Battlerite: Sticks our for Thorn! Awesome work @Majk_Babloon!

Apr 21 2018

RT @Majk_Babloon: More @Battlerite Fanart! This time: Thorn - The Twisted Terror #fanart #BattleriteArt

Apr 20 2018

We're at #gdc18!

Mar 20 2018