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we are still working on various projects, but at a much slower pace...

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thats right we are still working on new projects and some old ones lol...

however because of real life issues through out the team things have slowed to a crawl, not unusual for modders these days.

alot of people are in school which makes things difficult because of time constraints and work loads, plus jobs and other things that can be as simple as connectivity.

so dont expect any releases anytime soon...
however, we could move on some projects faster if we could get more help:
we need more people to work on medeling and animations, and people who can code/script within the UDK... really anyone with skills that can be applied to gaming whether it be ideas for the engine or gameplay can also be usefull.

also, if you have had a project that you were working on but died for whatever reason but you still want to see the project finished no matter what happens send me a private message and we can talk about collaborating or whatever needs to happen for your project to get finished. we wont be able to help everyone, but more heads and hands are better than one.

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