AAD Productions is a small indie game studio based near Seattle, WA.

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Programmers located Anywhere.

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If you saw this message and thought, “Ugh, another rev-share game that will never see the light of day,” you’d be wrong!

Our company, AAD Productions, is a veteran outfit that has been developing for over 3 years. During those years we’ve completed 5 games, which have been released on Steam, the Oculus store, and a host of other digital platforms.

We have members from the US, Europe, and all over the world, forming a powerful creative team supported by a skilled business/marketing division. Many of our people have done multiple rev-share projects with us, and can confirm that we pay our bills!

We’re currently looking for a programmer to help us finish one of our VR games under the Alpha Wave Entertainment brand. The project is approximately 60%-70% towards a Steam release, with an appID already under our belt and store page under construction. Our lead programmer was forced to take parental leave, so this is a hectic and exciting time for him - and a shining opportunity for you.

I can’t share too many details about the game at this juncture, without an NDA. Suffice it to say that this is a potential breakout title in VR; a fantasy rhythm game about blacksmithing with your own two hands.

Programmer Requirements:
- C# knowledge
- Unity expertise
- Have access to a HTC Vive
- Great communicator and proactive self starter, as the position is remote.|

Bonus points:
- Oculus Touch
- Publishing experience
- Art experience

What’s in it for you?
- You’ll get to work with a team that knows how to create, finish, publish and sell games.

- A fair revenue share agreement for our upcoming VR game.

-The ‘’exclusive standard package that comes with these type of projects’’ such as: references on your CV, great connections within the gaming industry and gaining more experience in your respective field.

To Apply

Please provide us with links to your past projects, or example code that you’ve written. A resume/portfolio will allow us to quickly and efficiently review your previous work! Please send your information to: rob@aadgames.com - you can also send additional questions to this email.

Please only submit your materials if you think you’re good enough. We respect hobbyists and people that are new to the industry, but we simply don’t have time to educate and mentor other people.

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