After creating Yalara and Taris RP I set out one more time to do better. This is that attempt. I made Ord Mantell RP as a last thank you to the JK community at large for all its fun times and pleasant memories. The map is by far the most complex I have ever built, and ever will build. It has starships that explode when the power core is damaged, amazing detailed landscapes, and endless explorability. Thanks for all the help and support, guys. This one's for you! As always, the source files are included in the pk3 - anyone and everyone has permission to use those files how they see fit with no restrictions from myself. I do not care if you credit me - however - you should probably credit the authors of the content I used if you copy stuff. (For instance, if you copy the Republic Cruiser, note that the exterior model was made by CommanderKeen

Zord Mantell RP
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