Zealot’s Hollow. The pagans know it as a place infused with heathen magic. Even the Mechanists buried their dead here. When the place was still a garden. They knew the magic would protect them, though they never fully trusted it. That's why they warded their tombs with machines. Yet with the Mechanists gone, no one remains to guard the Hollow. The city continues to sprawl outwards. A gang of street rogues has taken power in the Hollow. These rogues have been expelled from the more lucrative districts, finding welcome in the slums of the Hollow. And through all this, the Sibyl of Zealot’s Hollow watches from her high window. She's watched the Hollow warp from forest to slum. Through it all, the magic of the place has endured. But the Pagans tell me that someday even the land must eventually die...

Zealots Hollow
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