Redesign of my Visor for BD, now for Brütal DOOM 64 with most of its features included as indicators, stadistics and smooth mugshots.

XV117 Visor V4 for Brutal DOOM 64
Skylarkoverthesunset - - 365 comments

Nice work. :)

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Guest - - 698,679 comments

Awesome! can you make an addons mutator for brutal doom64?

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erians - - 90 comments

i never wana face d00m ever again ... no mater which versi0n ... . . . without a @ s0lid visor_m0dule ... ever ... a g a i n . . . never ... ; . *

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theletterten - - 7 comments

Hello! I am loading Brutal Doom 64 with ZDL to use GZDoom and I can't seem t get the HUD to show up? Using the latest version of everything as of Jan 7, 2019. Any help? TY.

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