Update from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 Changelog: Fixed oversaturation on "pass" panels on SSH, Plain Rock and Hual levels. Handmade "emergency exit" sign on Bank level. Added optional files to fix blank alarm textures on Spads levels. They're added as optional because I'm not happy with the result. I had to move alarm from the rocks and so I had to fill in the space. I had to use 3 different elements for that and so it made textures stand out and not allign properly. Texture rotating seems to not work in XIII editor. I tried making one element and leaving the space for the door but the game engine still filled the blank space with invisible wall and applied some broken texture to it. At this point I'm not able to solve that problem so it's an optional thing if You think it still looks better than original version.

XIII Classic AI Upscaled Textures 1.2.2 Update
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