The long awaited X-02 Wyvern for VT. Any feedback in the comments is welcome.

X-02 Wyvern
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Hellrot_RuRu34 Author
Hellrot_RuRu34 - - 131 comments

Known issues:

1. Hangar screen camera is zoomed out for some reason.
2. Pylons are used instead of internal bays. This is caused by a certain bug in the game.

These might be rectified in the future.

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mikeymike27 - - 1 comments

Is there any way to increase the speed for the folding of the wings and tail? Great add-on btw.

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nes4day - - 33 comments

Sweet, thanks

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Muf4sa - - 9 comments

The plane model from the hangar looks zoomed out (same bug as Xpand's R103 pre-patch). But the plane itself is really good, there are a lot of skins and the animations are sweet.


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