Warcraft 3 Expanded Turalyon Silverhand Jaina Proudmoore Kurdran and Sky´ree Alleria Windrunner Kael Thas Danath Trollbane Malfurion Stormrage Tyranda Whisperwind Illidan Stormrage Maiev Shadowsong Lady Vashj Akama Lich King Teron Gorefiend Varimathras Dreadlord Archimonde Eredar Mannoroth Sylvanas Windrunner Grom Hellscream Thrall Carnie Vol jin Rexxar Deathwing Kel thuzad Mal ganis Gul dan Nazgrel Medivth Shandris Feathermoon Naisha Uther Arthas Gazz tiracerrojo Fictio warpotion Lord Xavius Cho gall Jubei thos Samuro Anub arak Chen Sir Anduin Lothar Cenarius Lord garithos Muradin Antonidas Proudmoore Thassarian Ragnaros Zul´jin

World of Warcraft 3
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