In the dying embers of the clone wars, the CIS have taken hold of Wobani. With momentum on their side, Republic forces must counterattack against the stubborn droid army.

Wobani: Separatist Holdout BETA

Got a suggestion how about the galactic empire using AT-TE's and AT-At's
if i recall during the early years it was a mixure of both republic and early empire prototypes

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kiprobin Author

The Alliance also allegedly used AT-TE's a little, and for longer if I recall. That's a good idea and worth exploring for maps I haven't conceptualized yet, but I already have plans to include AT-TE's soon on the Alliance side down the road (not for Lothal or Mimban though). AT-TE's v. AT-AT's seems a bit more interesting than both fighting side by side, but it's still a good idea I hadn't thought of yet, and I might do something with it in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

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