RUNDOWN WINTER By -]K6[-Grimm & BU|D>ToX Description *********** A winterized version the our original MW2 remake. Retextured and Optimized. A few new buildings have been made playable. Map version: ************ 1.1 ** Arctic Marine Skins by Trafi and Noyus 2/2/2012 map size: ********* medium/large Gametypes: ********** Supported gametypes: DM TDM HQ S&D DOM SAB oldschool is NOT supported. MAP NAME FOR SERVER ******************* mp_rds_snow ---------------------------------- MAP DVAR for Admins We've included the option for server Admins to turn off various FX including; snow and additional snow fx To use these Dvars just it them to your server.cfg file set rds_snow_off "1" // (0 = snow on; 1 = snow off(default)) set rds_windblown_off "0" // (0 = dust/snow on(default); 1 = dust/snow off)

Winter Rundown
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