0.80 Removed auto reload for all weapons, Realistic range for all weapons, Increased reload time by slowing animations, Increased recoil for all weapons , Corrected magazine sizes (to match real life counterparts), Corrected fire rates (to match real life counterparts), More attachments (some weapons have 3 some 2) for balancing reasons, 0.90 Increased damage for all sniper rifles - one hit kill if hit head or chest, Increased penetration for all sniper rifles, Increased shotgun damage by 25% shotguns are now terrifying at close range, Minor damage improvements for assault ,smgs,pistols, Increased FOW for all weapons, Increased reload times for all light machine guns, Increased draw and holster times for some weapons AI now does same damage to you + ai weapons range increased to match players.

Weapons Ballistics v0 91
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