Version 0.9rc of the WAMPA library. Like before, this is designed as a library for modders to use for their planes and units to specifically invoke an AC feeling. Changelog is in the thumbnail image. ( you do not need to download the old version behind this one ) List of weapons: 6AAM, ADMM, EML, FAEB, GPB, GUN, GUN Heavy, HCAA, HPAA, HPAA, HVAA, LAGM, LASM, LRAA, LRSW, MGP, MPBM, MPM, MSSL, NPB, ODMM, QAAM, RCL, SAM, SASM, SFFB, SOD, TLS Morgan, TLS Block1, TLS FALKEN, UGB, UGBL, XAGM, XLAA, XMAA, XSAA. Like before, if you use this in your work, please give proper credit and ESPECIALLY link people back to this page to make sure they don't complain about crashes related to missing files :0). Thank you.

WAMPA Library 0.9rc
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