With Gordon Freeman about to enter the world of Xen, the military air strikes continue to pound Black Mesa into the night. You play a remaining HEV suited scientist, and with Freeman about to escape to a far worse situation, you have to get out of your own tight spot. There’s a bunker near your location, it’s best if you get into it before the military bombardment kills you. With increasing intensity the pains in your head and the epileptic seizures you endure along with the alarming waking nightmares of unknown evil beings bring you to the conclusion you must find a cure or die trying, with most of Portown losing control with the disease, you have become the Avatar and the last hope of civilization, but at the same time you are the Reaper of all despair and destruction. The future is in your hands ultimate evil or ultimate salvation. The choice is yours, are you up to it?

Valve Pressure
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