SWApSWAPPER This is a premade StuffSwapper config which includes all relative correct weapon mods known up now. These are the bigger weapon mods - just use websearch: OLdSKOOL - oldskool230full RAMPANCY - rampancybeta1 OPERATIOnSTINGRAY - OpStingray201 UNREAL4EVER - U4eTv602 COVERtFORCES - C4v1 SIN2UT - sin2utrelease2 STRANGeLOVE - SLV205 CHAOsUT - chaosut_v1-1 INFILTRATION - Infiltration2.75Extened1.05 WEAPONsFACTORY - wfut_beta_107

UT Swap Swapper Pack
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