This is a filepack to enable custom made Mutant Chronicles themed bot and player textures in Unreal Tournament. Install not before the UT bonus packs. It replaces the recent DoomTrooper packs and also the UTDarkLegionIIIupdate with improved and new skins. Also included are my system configs which could be interesting but better BACKUP YOUR CONFIGS before installing! Consider that some sites may have older single files which would replace the new. This is no commercial work and free downloadable. Also you need no permission to use or change the works. Once finished UTDoomTrooperIII will include new SonsOfRasputin skins and Pretorian Stalker skins based on the DDZ model. Included is also a page with all up now known mods I use myself. Credits to Epic and Target Games and all uploaders and BeyondUnreal forums.

UT DoomTrooper 3 Final Beta 23 Skins
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