In a very similiar world to ours very faraway, instead of the imperialist englishmen, the cats have forged their own empire. The United Kittendom. Features - Feline Portrait, Country name replacements for New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, British Malaya, Dominion of Canada. Australia and British Raj - Flags for all ideologies: fascist, communist and democratic for all countries mentioned above - Generals, Navy Officers, Alternate Leaders Cat Portraits Plans in the future - I can't find out how to mod in generic cat leader portraits, anyone willing to help me out message me/comment - A brand new mod where Fascists are to be replaced with dogs and Non-Aligned with other animals. This is simply a test mod if i should be continuing in these series - An animal portrait for every country in the Hearts Of Iron 4 World P.S. I know this mod might be a little shitty but bear with me, im new to this modding thing. Anyone who has questions/criticism feel free to comment

United Kittendom v1
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