This is my Ultimate Jedi Academy v3 mod here will have new shaders for all the game maps with more chrome effects.Most all the weapons have been redone to be more like the moviesand i have replaced the stupid glove texture with a new skin texture since jaden isnt wearing gloves in most of the costumes. I give you new sabers shaders and new sabers have been added thanks to my friend houou.You may now choose the red light sabers in single player with new menu music.Wait thats not all I have made new textures for the ROCKETTROOPER IMPERIAL SABOTEUR TAVION and ALORA. BUT wait thats still not everything I give you a new_reborn reborn_twin cultists and the Jedi trainer. Last but not least I give my Jaden skin pack with 27 new costume sets to choose from.I hope it feels like a brand new game for you. and With that I leave you these words "My the force be with you always..."Credits to Ravensoft for all their character models Please anyone may use my work here so long as I am given credit..

Ultimate Jedi Academy v3
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