Well, it's not how you'd planned to spend the evening, one dead body already and it's not even midnight. It had started out reasonably promisingly, a quite evening at your favourite watering hole and a nice simple job lined up for when the night was darker and the guards sleepier. That was until Skeller tried to jump you, he didn't really have a chance, you heard him coming well in advance, and when he pulled his dagger it was all over for him. At least something went well, he was even more incompetent than he first seemed and was carrying a note from his employer. It seems Lord Bifford has got tired of asking you to join his stable and has decided to eliminate the competition instead. Skeller was supposed to collect his pay-off tonight and with your help he still will. This is a rush job so you don't have time to buy any new equipment, lucky for you that you were already carrying some gear for the job you had planned. All you have to do is break into Lord Biffords place...

Turning the Tables
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