Miami is a happening place to be, as long as you're careful. A young girl fell in with the wrong crowd and hung out in the wrong places. One night it was discovered that her brother, you, was CIA, and the man responsible for all the busts going down lately. Suspicions started to rise. A 'friend' on the inside contacts you, warning you that she, the only family you have left, was taken to an offshore outpost where a lot of big deals went down. It seems the 'Cuban connection' wanted to have a little chat about her ties to the CIA. She said she didn't know anything, didn't even know you were CIA, but its easier to just make her dissappear. Now your mission is to get her back before they 'feed her to the sharks'. And forget about any backup, this is neutral territory. The CIA doesn't want any part of taking on the biggest producer of cocaine in Cuba to rescue a single girl. You're on your own on this one...

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