The skin - This is a re-skin of the german Flak 88. Ive given it the german Tri-color paint scheme

Tri-color Flak 88

Everyone associates "tri_color" with France for it has been a part of their proud tradition since the revolution. Germany? Not so much I am afraid :( It IS only a nickname but Germany and France have a history to put it mildly so these things mater! tHE people of France themselves choose it and love it still to this day as dearly as during the Terror. Just wanted to let you know. Germany has only been using this flag (after not using it for a long time until the Germanies united early last century) since the fall of the wall in Berlin and the joining once again of the Germanies. They don't call it Tricolor, hellno! ;)

PS I voted you up for your good work :)

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War_Crimes Author

Hi SeekingSomething.
Its not called Tri-Color because of there flag now its because its a ww2 German tri-color camouflage paint scheme.
Sorry for any confusion

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