WARNING!!! This amnesia custom story is in early alpha and is not finished, not even halfway. by downloading and installing this custom story, you have taken the means to test my entry level design and coding. I am not a professional by far, but have taken the time to attempt the custom story creation process, this is only a taste of what is to come if I get positive feedback or constructive criticism. Anyways, after playing the custom story, please take time to send me a email with regards of my mod, please do not spam me or take any directive with deconstructive criticism. this will result in ignoring of your emails. To install, unzip the folder and put the "Dead Memories" Folder into your "Custom Stories" Folder. I hope you enjoy my attempt at custom story creation, and this Custom Story is going to be enhanced as soon as possible.

Dead Memories

short and empty, with no meaning, the story doesn't make any sense, there are many glitches, no challenge, so on. at least you tried to come up with a background story, and used some basic scripts. look for mapping tutorials man, see how other people create realistic environments, if you feel yourself a noob for scripting, you can learn other basics here for example: . good luck next time, it's a good thing you posted this only in addons, it's your first try, but when you're ready to release a serious custom mod, post it in the mods section. don't make a sequel for this one, really don't. start with something fresh, gather inspiration from movies and other custom mods :)

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Tman22099 Author

thanks for the comment, Since i added the mod, i really detoured from the story and found other options and have been working on many other things, thanks for the ideas and support, i know that sounds really sarcastic, but thank you

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