We have been keeping an eye on the Hammers these last few months. Keeper Lukas infiltrated their order and has been passing information to us regarding their activities. It seems during extending their underground tombs they discovered an ancient temple. The markings of this temple are familiar to us. Their people stole a Talisman from us a long time ago. We thought it lost until now. Keeper Lukas tried to retrieve it along with a thief named Felix. It should have been a simple job but for the greediness of Felix. The Hammers caught him as he tried to raid a tomb. Keeper Lukas managed to escape but we have not heard from Felix, nor do we want to... We ask this favour, retrieve the Talisman of the Keepers. You will be rewarded favourably for this task. Keeper Lukas would also be grateful if you could return his medal. One of the Hammer Swordsmen, Brother Deven, grabbed it from him as he fought for his life...

Talisman Of The Keepers
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