This map is called : Killarena ( mostly because I couldn't find a better name ) anyway, this map is available for all gamemodes and I like it , I can't host it online because my internet is a mess so , if I win or not , I tried . short description: its a jungle map closed of by big rocks which are not walkable or anything so you cant get out of the match arena, the arena itself is medium in size and you have 3 different ways to get to the other base, I divided the map in 3 parts team one's fortress ( made of hills ), the arena itself and team two's fortress ( also made of hills ) known small bugs: its hard to get one the fortress/hill sometimes , I need to adjust it but I can't do that now sorry ( reason why I submit it now is found under this ) that's all I know off reason why I submit a minor complete map : I have other things to do in life to , my mother is in the hospital so I can't finish it sorry thanks for reading , peace out . Thomas

Thomas Daisomont
aranox Author

oh yea forgot to tell : this one is for the " what the ...?!" award

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