Footsteps approach, you hear a futile plea for help and a brutal murder occurs just a heartbeat away. Thus begins your adventure in the Thieves Quarter, a decidedly bad neighborhood. The slain man has information about the Mage's Medallion that was stolen from Ramirez. The thief responsible has been taken into custody by the Sheriff whose rise to power can be traced to his relationship to Ramirez. You must locate the medallion and take it the owner of the Laughing Skull Tavern, Bartok, twin brother of Farkus, your supplier. You will be rewarded for your trouble but another favor will be asked -- recover the Builder's Chisel. You, of course, cannot allow Ramirez to use his influence to run this part of town. Teach him a lesson by helping yourself to the contents of his treasury...

Thieves Quarter v1.2
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