Works with all game play modes. And can hold up to 20 people In short, The idea of this map is a war between the Indians (UFLL) and the industrializers (APR) who are trying to take over the land for factories, mines, and houses to make money. the Indians (UFLL) are making their last stand at the well (hence the name). The APR side may seem to be very over powering. But the UFLL know the land, they have 2 routes through the mountains to sneak up from behind, the passages can NOT be accessed by the APR, ultimately, evening out the sides. This is my first map. I didnt have much time to do it, maybe a day and a half to come up with the idea and put it together while learning how the editor works; so this is a big learning experience for me. If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask me on steam at cracker1

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