It was the 1st of April. Garrett was in the mood to kid with Basso. He said to him: „Look up, there's a flying burrick in the air“. Basso looked up. At that moment, a bird right above Basso couldn't keep his sphincter muscle closed and some disgusting faeces dropped into Basso’s eye. He really got upset and he gave Garrett a smack in his stomach. Garrett drew his club in a reflexive response and hit Basso on his head. Oh no! Basso was rendered unconscious by that blow and didn't wake up again. Garrett took him to the doctor. The doctor said Basso was suffering from a skull fracture and this would require a long stay in the hospital to heal... and it’s going to be expensive! Stupid Mr. Garrett has to 'earn' a lot of money now to pay for Basso’s care. Garrett heard about an underground tomb and an ancient Hammerite school near the City of Kevel. There's supposed to be a lot of treasure down there. First he has to find the entrance to the tombs.

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