During the battle for the rice fields GEN. Woody was giving orders to his men when he was shot and killed....

The Rice Paddies

One of my favorite Hayabusa maps. I loved beta testing this one. Some of my favorite maps are Vietnam based, (I think it's becasue I was a teenager when the Vietnam war was at its height and always remember the news items, the riots in the US etc. I've purchased virtually every FPS game that was concerned with the Vietnam war and BFV is one of my favorites next to Men of Valor and Vietcong. This map always reminded me of one of the maps in MOV. Great map well worth checking out. it's infantry only .

This map was also dedicated to Woody, a good friend who passed away shortly before this map was made. there is a whole raft of maps dedicated to him that were created by three of the community (Hayabusa, Homegrown and BigFootUS48. and someone (forgot who) modeled a tank with Woodys name on it. You can see that in one of the map packs dedicated to Woody.

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