A rare and unseen mod for Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.

The Revenge

So is this a SP Map or a gameplay mod?

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JimmyCognitti Author

I think it's both (can't remember well, sorry). This mod was originally posted long time ago at the old L4Y forums (haven't tried it myself because MP2 won't run properly on my PC, it's a rather old game after all).
Why don't you give it a try? (and drop us a note about it).

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This is the original author's description I found. It's almost all just new models/skins.

Revenge Mod is a mod for Max Payne 2, created by Nightmar-E.


-New Max's models

-New Vlad model

-New Cleaner model

-All enemyes now have many texturesets,new shaders and specular maps

-New weapon models (all weapons old,but models changed to more detailed)

-New some weapon icons

-New weapon sounds

-New death sounds

-New menu theme music

-Now deadbody have shadows

-More decals on levels

-More Clips and shells on levels

-New Raggdols

-Reload changed

-Balance changed

-Slow-Motion changed

-Slide addad (hold "Crouch" while you run)

-New weapon Colt 1911

-New menu Backr

How to install

Extract "startup.bik" into in mp2 movies directory and replace the original one (make a backup before any change)

Extract the Revenge Mod.mp2m file into your MP2 game directory. Run the game with "Revenge Mod" selected from the drop down menu.

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Whenever I download this mod the only the only file in the download is the revenge.mp2 file and not the startup.bik file that needs to be extracted into the game directory. Anyone know why this is?

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