Jack Midcoat, young acquaintance of Garrett, loses his job as nightwatchman at Lord Drakon's mountain retreat for romancing Drakon's ward Gwendoline. Jack wants Garrett to help him rob Drakon to fund an elopement with Gwendoline who is expecting Jack's child. Jack helps Garrett get his old job as nightwatchman and provides a rough map. Courtyard, kitchen, and sick room are freely accessible (if you behave); elsewhere is risky. Gwendoline will innocently admit Jack by the east gate to her garden. Jack, bringing Garrett's equipment, plans to rope up the old watchtower. Garrett should meet him there. They will take what they can then venture further into the retreat. One possible avenue is via the outer access door to an unused attic that Jack noticed. Garrett will scout ahead and show a glove to signal when it is safe to advance. Play if you're in a hurry but here's more important info and tips that will help...

The Night Watch
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