The Great Urban Battle is the largest level for Doom II I have ever made which is designed for a Boom compatible source port and has Boom features. After a long period of inactivity in Doom level designing I dug out Doom Builder and wanted to make a city level, the goal was to start in a subway, find all 6 keys in the city while battling against the invasion of hellspawn and then exit through an underground dungeon/mine leading to a fortress. Work started in October 2012 and it took almost 4 months alone to make. This vast map is one of the largest ever created for Doom 2 alone with over 1,000 monsters. Its not the most detailed level in the world, detail is slightly above averaged to id's maps. The map contains an all new original and whacky MP3 song for mapinfo ports plus a MIDI version (D_RUNNIN) of the song for non-mapinfo supporting ports. Expect to take well over 1 hour battling in this map, always watch your back and save often. The 18 secret areas are a h

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