The E-Team Mr. T and Ron Jeremy Vs. Olga Eidosa, Berzerk Lovedoll Author: DeadFrog Install: Unzip in the directory where Half-Life resides. Woohoo. Credits: Latex Surgical Gloves - They make great balloon puppets D14BL0 - for gaiety control Story: One day, I fell down while making toast. My skull cracked against a counter, propelling my consciousness to the Half-Life portion of the space-time continuum shortly after the incident. It seems as though all game heroines had enormous mammaries, a veritable sea of spheres. Eidos Interative, always being the innovators in the field, still managed to stand apart by providing two things. One, an innovative new camera system that no longer required the player to back into strategic locations. The second was much more daring... Eidos had gone into the line of producing mechanical lovedolls based on their characters. To save time and effort, Eidos cut corners. They saved work effort by making all game characters have gaping vibrating orifices, thus...

The E-Team
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