*Very* cool WangBang level for 2 players.3 is not so cool, and more is just gory! But,if you're insane, play 8 players.The level itself is sumthin like factory orplant area. It's based (well, it almost ashameless copy) on great level "BODIES" forBLOOD, which was made by Croweater. I justwanted to have good, fast ass-kickin' WangBangaction, so I added a bridge and weapons areplaced little differently. And I wanted toplay that level in Shadow Warrior, but thereare no converters from BLOOD to ShadowWarrior. So I drew it myself. And also, toget that atmosphere, I captured the BLOODtextures, and here they are... So go play now!

The Bodies v1.0
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