TL;DR: This is a 9 Map WAD for Vanilla, Brutal, And Project Brutality Doom.

Test Map (Brutal Doom Compatible)

Needs screenshots. Also curious if this actually requires 38.52mb or if you just made it in UDMF format despite not actually using any of the advanced features that UDMF is for. The difference between UDMF and Hexen/Doom format is massive, like the difference between 1mb and 50mb and UDMF should only be used if you are actually using the advanced scripting capabilities that it allows. Also, "vanilla" compatibility in the Doom community means something way different than just "playable without Brutal Doom".

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Cipherz_Gaming Author

I mean that I use the Doom format in UDB. It's able to be used with any source port though. That's why it's vanilla compatible. BDv21 is optional! It's not UDMF, so it's the Doom 2 format. I just felt like clearing that up. And, yes, I will add in screenshots. Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry it took me so long to reply.

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I didn't play through the whole thing yet but I like this one thing you replaced in the menu music man that rap snitches instrumental is pretty banging tho ngl

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