The exciting sequel to Realms of Circe. Caleb has recently returned to his home, after he traveled to the Realm of Circe,defeated Tchernobog again, and freed a beautiful damsel from her prison in a monster's body. But now, Tchernobog is back and has found a way to travel in time in an attempt to destroy Caleb's future. With the help of Circe, Caleb fights the evil forces invading the city. During the fighting, the Cabal capture Circe, and plan to sacrifice her to Tchernobog in an attempt to lure Caleb into a trap. Now Caleb must travel back in time through several famous historical events including the Titanic, the the French Revolution, World War I, The Civil War, and The American revolution in an attempt to rescue the woman he loves.

Tchernoboy in Time
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