The Hidden Bek Base was the headquarters of the Hidden Beks swoop gang. Located in the Lower City of the planet Taris, it was run by Gadon Thek by 3956 BBY. The base contained a large central room and several areas restricted to visitors, including a room connected to the main base by an elevator in which Gadon made his quarters.

Taris: Hidden Bek Base (KotOR conversion)

Amazing as usual! Only one localizing problem:
Admiral Karath has no name and has only numbers as a name.

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Pretty cool map that has some strong nostalgia factor going for it. It's always nice to see new maps for the classic Kotor Era.

I noticed that the Republic/Empire tends to lose all CPs and get backed into a corner in the top CP (CP3?). I think this happens because the opposing team captures CP0, the Rep/Emp can't push out of CP3 and from there the Seps/Rebs push into the CP to the west, flanking it from both sides and utterly destroying anyone spawning there. Personally I think it is worth experimenting with removing CP0 to see how that affects the flow of the game, it might give the folks at CP3 a chance to get out of their base and push.

I quite like the hero selection, though, on a small note, it's kind of unfortunate that Padmé's hero theme here is the Imperial March.

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