The Taanab Spaceport was a major spaceport on the planet Taanab. It was a scene of incident in 14 ABY when Disciples of Ragnos cultists released a mutated rancor into the complex. At this particular event, many cargo containers were destroyed by the mutated rancor before Jaden Korr was able to trap it in between a moving container and a force field in one of the loading docks, this way killing it.

Tanaab (Jedi Academy conversion)

Love the tanks in this one! Hero selection is pretty cool, too. I half expected to be chased by a recolored rancor at some point hahaha, but that'd probably be too much for this game.

On the gameplay notes: the Empire seems to have a hard time keeping their west CP, I also feel like there is a lot of walking in the open before one gets to the action, I think it might be a good idea to add a few more CPs around the map so that both teams spawn closer to the fighting. "Faster! More intense!"As they say.

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