Story: One of the dangers of working this city for so long is eventually running out of targets. The City Watch has been scouring the streets for opportunists like me which has forced me into the surrounding hills, living off unwary travelers and forgotten tombs. The pickings are slim and I'm ready to take some chances on a bigger haul. Cutty knows of a crypt loaded with enough gold to ride out this dry spell... the Kindred Vault. Folklore describes it as an old, simple tomb which has yet to reveal its secrets, having claimed every rascal foolish enough to attempt a heist. It is rumored that in addition to the precious relics, this crypt contains a powerful ring which can render the wearer invisible. This could quickly reverse my fortunes, making it worth the risks. This won't be an easy job. Cutty warned me about traps and haunted souls and who knows what else. I'm going to need my wits more than my blackjack tonight. Bugs & Tips: Should you find the ring ;-) frob it for te

TAC The Kindred Vault
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