The (TA_F) maps were especially (but not exclusively) designed for the TA Frenzy mod. They aim at featuring truly original ambients and visuals, as well as an excellent balance and overall gameplay. Some of them also use very unique map features and weapons (thunderbolts, lava projectiles...), created during the making of TA Frenzy. For a better versatility, certain maps can also be played differently (start positions changed, added players, modified start ressources, etc...) depending on your personnal preference. At last but not least, all of them are fully compatible both with multiplayer and singleplayer modes; the last being guaranteed to be always extremely challenging thanks to the use of several smart (and cheaty) ai profiles (only available in TA Frenzy). To install and use all this properly, please make sure to watch the readme inside. Map created by Firmament, as known as François.

(TA_F)L'Île Lune
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