I've gotten word from a few of the locals and aqquitances near my area that there are ancient catacombs beneath this part of the city and that anyone who has gone into them to search for treasures has never returned. Heh, that won't be the case for me. I got all the gear I need for pesky burricks, and annoying zombies. Also a fellow thief friend has told me that there might also be some elementals in the caves, so I thought I would buy a few extra water arrows. The entrance wasn't really hard to get into and wasn't far from my home turf either. The main artifact I am after is the serpentine Amulet. It is said that it is kept deep in the catacombs and maybe even beyond the caves. But since no one has actually made it out alive, I can't really be sure of where it is...

T1 Gold: The Serpentine Necklace
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