I became very lazy for some time. I don't know what it means - maybe I'm just tired, but maybe I just don't want anything. The only job I could take would be a one that should give much cash and some challenge. No one offered me anything... But no matter how wealthy you are, there comes a moment when you begin to starve. In one of these days I recieved an order from an anonymus person, which was delivered by one associate of mine. In this order it was said that there was a job for me. The mysterious customer wants me to break into the mansion of one of the lords and steal the jewel - the jewelled sword. The lord's name is Fevler, his mansion is well-known as quiet and not very beatiful place. Breaking into it may not going be easy - both enters into it are heavily guarded; but I think there's some third way in. An associate of mine was clever enough to ask something about my customer, but he didn't recieve any understandable answers. Looks like my customer doesn't want me to know him..

T1 Gold: Plot v1.1
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