These events take place during the Dark Project after Garrett makes a visit to the DownWinders. Garrett finds himself in Prison. Doom is certainly at hand for Garrett. Sentenced to be Hung at Midnight. He wakes up in a Hammerite Death Cell complete with double security, and his only chance of survival is his wits. The one thing Garrett remembers is drinking a Mug of Ale, and the only comrads were some guild members and local petty thieves. Now Hung over, sick, and Hungry, the Heavy Hammered guards show Garrett no mercy. They think they have him for good this time. And, He will hang! Time will certainly tell if all goes well for Garrett in CragsCleft Prison. Escape from the Clutches of these heavy hammered fanatics, or you will certainly be doomed. And...while you have all this time to Loom in the Shadows of Doom, you might just find out what happened. To wake up in a cell not knowing or recalling anything? Not Good! Breath light, and wish hard, but carefully Garrett!

T1 Gold: In the Loom of Doom
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