Garrett must sneak, fight, and backstab his way through Baron Bisfult's keep in order to earn his money. 'Hard Luck' is a straight-out burglary of a noble's house; nothing complicated, but you will soon find out that life is not so simple within the walls of this keep. Just jump in and have fun thwarting the less-than-motivated guards and stealing another unworthy noble's treasure. "Hard Luck" is my first level for Thief and and was started with the express purpose to test the limits of and aquaint myself with DromEd (not to mention my limits and capacity for level design). My goal, before moving on to more complex and interesting Thief ventures, was to finish a large mansion just to prove to myself that I could. After a while, however, it became an entity of its own and I had to flesh it out completely.

T1 Gold: Hard Luck
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